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 How To Cope With Anxiety In 2020 

Here Are 12 Ways To Cope And Make Your Day Easier

 Let's be honest. 2020 is a very unique year. It is really difficult to find the right definition for it. The fact is that many people are facing higher stress and anxiety. It has to stop. It is very important to deal with the symptoms at the early stage so it won't evolve into depression. In this article, you will find 12 ways how to manage stress. First, let's make something clear.

What Is Anxiety?

For many years I couldn't understand what anxiety is. I clearly knew what depression is. I also understood how dangerous it can be. Finding the way out of it was one of the best things ever happened to me. Our wedding was THE best thing that ever happened to me. I allowed myself to be happy and shortly after getting out of my deepest I met my lovely wife - my better half. 

Before that happy time, I dealt with living a life without any meaning. I didn't understand the purpose of my existence. I had many panic attacks. Below you can find the symptoms of a panic attack.

Symptoms Of A Panic Attack

  • Feeling Cold Or Hot  
  • Nausea
  • Fear Of Death
  • Feeling Dizzy
  • Lost Control
  • Shortness Of Breath
  • A Sense Of Detachment 
  • Chest Pains
  • Heart Palpitations

Before you can help others- you have to help yourself. We have put together the most effective stress management techniques.

1. Exercise

Go for a walk or a hike, ride a bike, do some pushups, and sit-ups. Being physically active allows your body to release endorphins that spike up your positive energy levels also known as (aka) dopamine. Just imagine doing something that is difficult for you just like a tough workout. This time you are sure that it can benefit your health. Now, imagine finishing that exercise. You are very tired - yet with a smile on your face. That is the elevated level of dopamine saying hello to you. Keep moving!


2. Write Down Your Thoughts

It’s so important to acknowledge the emotions you are feeling at the moment. They don’t always have to be positive, write down what’s bothering you. Get them out of your body. Look at them and read it out loud. It helps. I have my little journal next to me - always. I fear to forget what I am thinking. Therefore I write it down. However, as soon as I notice positive emotions being present I have to write down what is causing it. Repeat it often.


3. Eating Healthy

Usually, when you are feeling stressed you don’t care what you eat and you usually tend to eat something “bad”. Be careful what you are putting into your mouth, because there’s a point in the saying “You become what you eat”. Don't take your physical health for granted and think of it as a longterm goal. Give your body nutrient-dense meals and the highest quality products. It will reward you with strength and a powerful immune system.


4. Quality Sleep

I can’t express enough how sleep is important. Did you notice when you feel in pain you go and “sleep it out”? We are giving our sleep a lot of pressure to put us back together, so when we wake up, we are ready to conquer the day. Now, when you feel stressed, it’s not easy to fall asleep and get a night of quality sleep. In the next paragraph, I will share with you a secret of how to do it. I highly recommend reading the book "Why We Sleep" by Matthew Walker. Learn about sleep. 


5. Take CBD To Reduce Anxiety

CBD is gaining more and more popularity, especially during the year 2020. It’s amazing that this compound coming from a plant can help with so many symptoms. Why? Because it works on the level of the system. It lowers your stress levels, it helps you relax before you go to bed, which allows you to get quality sleep. Optimizing your sleep will benefit your overall anxiety and stress reduction. Just imagine waking up after your perfect sleep. You feel rested and positive. If you would like to learn about CBD check out this educational video series on our YouTube channel.

 6. Use Social Media The Right Way

Yes, you read it right. Social media can actually help you. Remember that more than 2 billion people are using Facebook or Instagram. It is a great place to network with therapists, motivational public figures, or people who know how to overcome anxiety based on their experience.

How To Use Instagram To Reduce Stress And Anxiety 

It is obvious that most of us are spending many hours a day scrolling through social media. Why not use it to make our days better? We would love to share some tips to make your social media a powerful tool to optimize your life. First of all, you will do yourself a huge favor by unfollowing accounts or profiles that are causing more anxiety and stress. It can be a constantly negative person, news, and similar. You don't want to have it in your feed. Second, you have to follow the right people that make your days better and put a smile on your face. Below are three profiles that have helped us a lot and can do the same for you:

Another tip will be to create a list of saved content. Instagram allows you to save the posts you really like and keep them organized. Here is how. On your mobile device open the Instagram app. In the upper right corner, you will find three lines. Click here and you should see the following:

how to use instagram to reduce stress and anxiety

Now, click 'Saved', and here is what you should find. Note that you will have different posts saved. If you haven't saved any posts, you won't see any here. Don't worry! We will show you exactly how to save your very first post below.

how to use instagram to reduce anxiety

We like to save the best mobility workouts, interesting workouts, books we haven't read yet, or any inspirational posts. If you don't know how to save a post just yet. Here is how to do it. Find an interesting post. Click on the little flag icon shown on the picture below.

how to save posts on instagram

Congratulations! You just saved a post. You can access it every time you want to re-read or re-watch it! We highly encourage you to keep it organized so it is an even more powerful tool.

how to save a post on instagram

7. Learn New Habits - Unlearn The Old Ones

 Stressing out can evolve into a habit. I remember my older sister working in a corporate world as one of the main accountants. Every day at 435 PM she got home and brought all kinds of problems with her. She kept talking about them without even recognizing that no one was listening. Every Sunday afternoon my sister was in a horrible mood thinking about the next week at work. I understand that we have to pay for the bills but being stressed out 24/7 is not going to make your life better. You can see the pattern. Stress became her habit. Moreover, reading the book "Atomic Habits" you will learn that people associate habits with a certain location. You might enjoy your morning because you always brew a fresh cup of coffee and no one is bothering you. You enjoy yourself and the kitchen reminds you of that habit. In my sister's case, the 'stress-habit' was associated with the office she worked at. 

In order to learn a new habit, we have to unlearn the old ones. Therefore, find a location that you like and begin developing a new healthy stress-free habit. Remember: on average it takes about 21 days to develop a habit.

8. Try Aromatherapy

Think of a spa you have visited recently. You hear relaxing music and smell fresh lavender. Whether they’re in oil form or a candle, scents like lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood can be very soothing.

Aromatherapy is thought to help activate certain receptors in your brain, potentially easing anxiety and stress.

9. Have You Tried Guided Meditation?

Meditation, in general, has been studied for a long time. Dalai Lama describes in "Freedom In Exile" how monks can meditate in the mountains of Himalayas - naked! Their bodies aren't even changed the internal temperature. Balance app is a great tool to learn about meditation with a guide. You can choose between 5 and 15 minutes and the app keeps track of your records. You will learn all kinds of techniques. It will improve your posture, breathing, and reduce stress. 

We have prepared an eBook bundle that you can get access to for free. You will learn how to manage stress, reduce anxiety, overcome insomnia, and learn how to meditate. You can get access to the eBook bundle - here.

One of our favorite breathing technique is called '4-7-8 Technique'. You inhale for 4 seconds, hold the breath for seven, and exhale for eight seconds. You can learn more about it here.

10. Eat Foods Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Healthy fats are not only good for the health of our hearts and the immune system.  They are supporting our brains. Many clinical studies have proven that patients suffering from anxiety can see big improvements by increasing the polyunsaturated fats high in omega-3 fatty acids. You can supplement it or eat more fatty fish. You can read more about the studies here.

11. Welcome Humor - Farewell Stress!

Do we have to elaborate on that point? Smile and smile more. I can't stress it enough how important humor is. Smile to the mirror. Smile to your kids or partners. I have prepared a list of funny videos that will definitely make your day better. 

Funny Cats:

Funny Cats Video #1

Funny Cats Video #2

Funny Cats Video #3

Funny Dogs:

Funny Dogs Video #1

Funny Dogs Video #2

Funny Dogs Video #3

Funny Babies:

Funny Babies Video #1

Funny Babies Video #2

Funny Babies Video #3

Enjoy! Try NOT to laugh.

12. How To Use Your Phone To Reduce Anxiety

Your phone is a powerful device - if you are using it right. First of all, delete all apps that are causing distraction and stress. For instance, I was working in my brother's company as a CTO. I exchanged over 5,000 messages a month and spent four to five hours on the phone. My phone was on from 5 Am to 11 PM. It got to the point that I got anxiety or panic attacks after hearing the sound of an incoming call. I turned off the sound and never turned it back on - even after I quit. 

Use your phone to create friendly reminders. For example, you can let your phone remind you to smile twice a day. Or it can remind you to think about something positive for two minutes. Every mobile device has these options available to you. 



Dealing with anxiety and stress can be a challenge. Fortunately, you are never alone and there are people willing to help you overcome it. It is really important to believe in the possibility to live a life leaving your anxiety and stress behind. To make it easier for you we have summed up the 12 ways to cope with anxiety and make your days easier. 

12 Ways To Cope With Anxiety 

  • Exercise
  • Write Down Your Thoughts
  • Eating Healthy
  • Quality Sleep
  • Take CBD To Reduce Anxiety
  • Use Social Media The Right Way
  • Change Your Habits
  • Try Aromatherapy
  • Practice Guided Meditation 
  • Eat Foods Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Welcome Humor - Farewell Stress!
  • Set Up Reminders On Your Phone 
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