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Jessica's Story With CBD

She began her journey with CBD after experiencing rock bottom with severe depression and anxiety. After losing control of her thoughts, all she could think about was suicide. Jessica also struggled with substance abuse and poor self-care, not understanding that she was slowly killing herself, and her thoughts began to reflect the same message.

After quitting her toxic position at a hospital, she had an awaking. An unexplained energy source led her to research more on the benefits of cannabis, particularly, CBD.

She realized this was the answer to turning her life around. After being so numb and depressed for such a long time, CBD presented a rainbow forming for the first time in a black and white space. This was life-changing to the point that she needed to start sharing this information with other people.

Knowing that the majority of the US struggles with mental disorders such as anxiety and depression, informing people about the truth of CBD became her mission


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