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The Ultimate CBD Guide In 2020

The sales of CBD products are skyrocketing in 2020. The reason for it is very simple. CBD works for millions of people all around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has made many of us suffer from anxiety and elevated stress levels. Therefore, we have prepared an ultimate CBD guide for you!

Why do we see CBD literally everywhere?

You walk into your local grocery store and right next to the checkout there is one CBD product next to another. You want to grab the latest release of National Enquirer and what do you find right next to it? A CBD magazine.

In this blog post, you will learn everything you need to learn about CBD in order to make an educated decision whether you need it in your life or not.

Beginners Guide To CBD

To start with we should explain what CBD is in the simplest possible way. CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is one out of over 100 compounds found in the cannabis plant. No, CBD won't make you high. The compound that is well known for the euphoria feeling is THC. To be legally selling any CBD product within the United States it has to have less than 0,3% of THC.

There are tons of different CBD products but the best way to find out if it's going to help you is to try CBD oil. Why? Simply, the bioavailability is the highest - meaning that your body absorbs and takes advantage of CBD oil within 30 to 60 minutes. Your body has cannabinoid receptors all over it. For instance, you can find the cannabinoid receptors in your nervous system, immune system, or in your brain. CBD interacts with those receptors proving you find all the benefits mentioned in the next paragraphs.

Our friend Erin Keaveny is sharing her experience with CBD oil in this blog post. Have fun reading it!

CBD Oil For Anxiety

Based on the interviews we have done with our customers by far the number 1 reason why they are buying CBD oil is to help with anxiety. This year's pandemic, lockdowns, or even curfew have made it very difficult for many. Millions of Americans filed for unemployment insurance. We have lost our jobs. We have lost our homes and businesses. It will take a lot of courage to rebuild it all. Therefore, CBD was the to-go product for so many people.

CBD oil taken in the morning helps you to reduce anxiety and increase your alertness. Increased alertness during the day leads to better sleep at night. Better sleep equals better stress management. It is time to focus on our growth and not on watching negative news. Get ready to build a better future!

CBD Dosage

You might be wondering why every single CBD brand has different numbers on the same CBD oil product? The number I am referring to is the amount of CBD in the entire bottle. Let's do some math. Wait, stay with us. It is going to be very simple.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

On the picture, you see a 1250 mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil. That means, the entire bottle, which is 30 ml or 1 oz., has 1250 mg of CBD. One full dropper is 1 ml. Simply, divide 1250 by 30 to find out how much CBD you will get from one full dropper. In this case, it is 43 mg of full-spectrum CBD.

LiefRoyal recommends starting with only 1/4 of a dropper. The dropper is marked which makes it even easier. Feel free to gradually increase your dosage until you will the desired results.

Starting with only 10 to 20 mg a day makes sense because it can be enough for some people. Some will have to double or triple that amount. It is still fine because CBD has very little side effects. The worst thing that can happen is to make you sleepy.

How to take CBD?

  1. Shake and then open the bottle.
  2. Fill the dropper with the desired amount of CBD oil.
  3. Hold it under your tongue for 30 to 60 seconds and swallow it.

You should feel the difference within 30 to 60 minutes. We usually know when it's time to sleep. By the time our head hits the pillow, we fall asleep. Our sleep is deep. We wake up recovered and ready to enjoy the day and overcome all problems ahead of us.

CBD Benefits

CBD has many benefits. It is analgesic which means it helps you manage pain. In addition, it is anti-inflammatory. CBD oil is sedative. It helps you to unwind, relax, and focus on what's important. CBD oil is anti-viral. It boosts your immune system. Moreover, it protects your brain. CBD is neuroprotective. As you can see, CBD has many therapeutic benefits.

CBD and CBD oil can help you with:

  • Stress Management

  • Inflammation Relief

  • Sleep Optimization

  • Reducing Anxiety

  • Pain Relief

  • Acne

  • Boosting the Immune System

  • Epilepsy

  • Stabilize Mood

Actually, CBD can even help you with weight management. It supports your body to convert the unhealthy white fat into healthy brown fat that is used for energy rather than residing around our organs.

CBD Tincture

You can also be confused about the difference between CBD oil and CBD tincture. Here comes the explanation.

Don't want to read that much?

Watch a video we have recorded for you to make CBD easy to understand.


By now you should be able to make an educated decision whether CBD is good for you or not. We truly believe in it. You might not see the benefits right away. Don't give it up too early. You don't feel the benefits of taking any vitamins or minerals either. Yet, we know that they are helping us to create better days.


Matthew Wis

Palm Desert

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