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Nutrition and Cannabis

Nutrition and Cannabis

Everything we put into our bodies ultimately becomes us, so if our raw fuel is without substance, our cells will not function properly.

Furthermore, In the context of cannabis medicine, our Endo-cannabinoid systems (ECS) are likely impaired by poor nutrition, which limits the efficacy of cannabis. The standard American diet is tremendously unbalanced, with most people consuming far more omega-6 fatty acids.

While omega-6 is still important, having too much can contribute to chronic inflammation in the body.

A 2011 study nature neuroscience found that mice with omega-3 deficiency experience impaired CB1 receptor functioning. This phenomenon was shown to have a measurable, adverse effect in mice, impairing their emotional behavior.

Lactobacillus acidophilus has been shown to upregulate CB2 receptors on human intestinal cells. The ECS has an anti-inflammatory function. Therefore, it makes sense to consume meals rich in anti-inflammatory foods and low in pro-inflammatory foods.

The Mediterranean diet is a great example of it. Lots of fish, eggs, nuts, fruits, vegetables along with olive oil.

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