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Some of the CBD implications are mind-blowing. It is helping many people around the world with epilepsy, severe inflammations, and chronic pain. Thousands of success stories are being shared every single day on the internet. CBD oil is one of the most popular products in the USA. However, CBD gummies are rapidly gaining popularity. 

But WHY Is CBD Oil So Popular?

At LiefRoyal, we found that our main focus should be on giving you a helping hand to step out of the danger zone - we called the Vicious Cycle. 

the vicious cycle and cbd oil

As mentioned before, CBD is helping with pain and inflammation, anxiety and stress, sleep, and insomnia. It is pretty fascinating how versatile this compound really is. Especially considering it is coming from a plant and mostly grown under the sun with care. 

What Is The Vicious Cycle?

Think about it. If your cortisol level is relatively high during the day and you are stressing out - you will probably not sleep well. Moreover, the risk of getting sick is much higher compared to individuals with low-stress levels.

Do you see where am I going with it? 

Most of the negative symptoms, which are limiting you every single day, are correlated. You need to find your way out of it to enjoy your days and maximize your potential.

step out of the vicious cycle 

How To Leave The Vicious Cycle?

At LiefRoyal we truly believe that the best, and most effective, way to step out of the vicious cycle is to clear your way out.

What do I mean by that?

Imagine improving your sleep, reducing your stress level, and lessening inflammation in your body. Let say you have a bad knee inflammation and it's causing a lot of pain. You can't sleep because of that. In addition, you are stressed at work because of your boss.

You can have a conversation with your boss about the situation explaining it. There is plenty of books that can help you with this. For instance, you could read "Business NLP For Dummies" and be very creative on how to approach the situation. Don't let the title fool you. It's a great book. You can also learn how to meditate. Download a completely free eBook bundle with 4 books on:

  • Meditation
  • Stress Management
  • Reducing Anxiety
  • Getting Rid Of Insomnia

You can download it here.

Next, you started taking CBD oil at night and it improved your sleep and the inflammation started to get better as well. As you can see, we are clearing the way out of the vicious cycle. You are welcome.


CBD Oil Changed My Life

She is one of the most popular trainers and motivators in the Coachella Valley. Her workouts are always the toughest. She will make sure that you are pushing it to the limits. She is always motivated as well. No one knows - she is struggling with sleep.


Some of her workouts are starting as early as 5 AM. The next day it is 5 or 6 PM. Can you see how crazy her schedule is?

Alex has to wake up very early - around 3 AM - and because of that she wakes up pretty petulantAlex could go to sleep earlier but her problem is that she has to do it only 2 or 3 times a week...  It makes it even more devastating

You probably know that feeling when you don't want to be late at work and wake up every 45 minutes.
That is exactly how Alex feels every week... She tried full-spectrum CBD oil and it worked! Alex takes it only on the days she needs to wake up very early.
She still gets a decent and restful sleep.

Can I Mix CBD Oil With Coffee

A lot of people ask us what is the best way to consume CBD oil and if it's possible to get the benefits by adding it to your coffee. The answer is - do both. 


The best CBD bioavailability, meaning your body absorbs the most of it, is achieved by taking CBD oil sublingually. Place a few drops under your tongue and swallow it after a few moments. Now, we love our flavors so much that we surely add them to our morning cup of coffee. It enhances it flavors too.

LiefRoyal CBD Oil has two delicious flavors. They are:

Mint Flavor which has a sweet, refreshing flavor accompanied by a cooling sensation and a distinctive scent with eucalyptus qualities. We love to add it to our morning coffee. It enhances the nutty and fresh aroma - simultaneously boosting our cognitive function. 

Orange Flavor provides a sweet-tart taste that is rich, flavorful, and with hints of berry.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Put In My Coffee

When I was a young girl, I always looked at my mom when she was drinking her coffee (like 5 times a day) and imagined the day I could start drinking it too…

Finally at the age of 17 it was my daily ritual - making coffee in the morning with my mom as my dad is a tea lover.

Almost a decade later, I still enjoy my daily cup of black joy but now with my husband.

Since coffee became more than just a drink and more of a ritual, or people at work are looking forward to coffee break every day, more and more people are adding CBD to their coffee.

Why that combination? Does it even work?

Yes! I personally love taking CBD with everything! As we know, CBD known as cannabidiol makes us more relaxed (not lazy!), less anxious and lessens our pain. Adding it to your morning coffee is like adding extra magic and making the best out of the day.

There are different brands with different flavors you can add.

My go-to every morning now is a Cold Brew with almond milk, sometimes I switch it to heavy cream, stevia, and few drops of Lief Royal’s CBD Mint Tincture. Delicious, refreshing, and that hint of mint put you on another level - perfection. 

If you already take CBD in different forms and have your ideal dosage, you can leave some for your coffee. Remember, even if you take a little bit more than you usually do nothing will happen. You can’t overdose CBD. 

Adding CBD to your coffee may even reduce and alleviate the stomach aches and nervousness, so you can go smoothly throughout your day.

Heating CBD Oil

Vaping CBD oil is gaining popularity as well. It heats up the oil. The boiling point of CBD is between 320 degrees and 356 degrees Fahrenheit. That means CBD can be baked or cooked and still retain most of its nutritional benefits.


We are sure that by now you are convinced to give CBD oil a try. Perhaps you are already a CBD oil lover - like us. Our current mission is to help 10,000 people in the US to experience better days and make it their new habit. If you need more conviction ask yourself the following question: What am I currently doing to lessen inflammation, reduce stress, improve my sleep, AND how CBD can complement it?

Stay Safe,


Palm Desert, CA


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