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Best CBD Oil For Sleep And Insomnia In 2020

best cbd oil for sleep and insomnia in 2020

Imagine falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow...

Isn't it the ultimate sleeping-goal for us all? - It surely is. The day looks much different after a good night of sleep. Waking up rested and recovered. Taking a quick shower after brushing your teeth. Perhaps, adding some yoga or active stretching can help you to start the day right. There you go. You are ready to productive work, improving your skills, or following your passion. Your cognitive function and mental clarity are on point. Is it a dream? - Did I say dream? 

See, sleep is so important to us. We even use the word 'dream' to describe something the most fulfilling - ever. What is your dream car? What is your dream partner? What is your dream house? We all have been looking for answers to these questions. 

Sleep helps us to structure better days, allows us to smile more often, and live longer. Yes, I've said to live longer and to smile more. Longevity is the dream - I'm sorry I couldn't find a better word - we share all together. A French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre [1] once said "Life is a C between B & D". The 'B' stands for birth and 'D' stands for death. Back to longevity.

best cbd oil to help sleep

During our sleep, we are growing, we are healing, we are protecting our brain, and much more. I highly recommend reading the book "Why We Sleep' by Matthew Walker [2]. It opened my eyes and gave a much better understanding of why sleep is so powerful. 

Can sleep put a smile on my face?

The answer is - yes. Indeed, multiple studies show that lack of sleep is the first step toward depression [3]. 

We Want You To Sleep Better 

That is why we have prepared this guide to better sleep using CBD. It is not the right question to ask if CBD can help you sleep better. The right questions to ask is:

What are you currently doing to improve your sleep AND how CBD can complement it.  We have put together our knowledge combined with the newest research to show you that there is hope to achieve better sleep and you can get there very soon.

Where To Buy CBD Oil To Help Sleep

best cbd oil for sleep

 Before we explain in-depth how Cannabidiol (CBD) can improve your sleep and simultaneously the quality of your day, we would like to present a few options where you can purchase good quality CBD. 

First, make sure that the product you are buying is lab-tested. Even if you buy it at the local dispensary - they should be ready to show you the lab-test results to make sure that the product is free from toxic chemicals and actually delivers what is written on the label. 

I came across research that put 47 CBD products to test [4] and the results where shocking. Can you imagine there are companies that claim to have CBD oil and didn't have any of it in the actual bottle? - That's Insane!

Second, check out your local dispensaries. Make sure to get familiar with all the CBD products they carry but also to learn more about the company you are looking to buy from. Most of the CBD companies have a very profound background story that brings tears to your cheeks. 

Third, you can buy legal CBD online. offers full-spectrum CBD that is lab-tested. LiefRoyal ships nationwide and also personally delivers within the entire Coachella Valley. 

What Is CBD?

what is cbd

...And How Does CBD Improve Your Health?

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a chemical compound that naturally comes from the cannabis plant. This is one of the many chemical compounds, classified as phytocannabinoids (phyto-plant), that provide various health and medicinal benefits. ⠀⠀

Although CBD is present in cannabis, it is most commonly extracted from industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is a plant that produces a higher content of CBD and a lower content of THC (0.3% or less delta 9 THC). ⠀

This helps to provide all the benefits of cannabis without the individual becoming “high.”

You can learn more about CBD here.

Different Types Of CBD

Tincture Or Oil: CBD tinctures or oils are the most common CBD products on the market. They also provide the fastest absorption rate to due their bio-availability - taken sublingually. Simply, place a few drops under your tongue and wait for 10 to 20 seconds before swallowing.

Vaping: CBD vaping can provide a variety of experiences. Pay attention to the reviews to make sure that you are buying a great product. The bio-availability is a little bit less than with CBD oils but it still gives you the health benefits of CBD

Gummies: CBD edibles and CBD gummies are gaining huge popularity in 2020. Be careful - they are addictive. However, since they are packed with healthy Cannabidiol and are sugar-free you don't have to judge yourself. We found that SugarAndKush gummies are worth trying. Bon appetite! 

Creams And Lotions: CBD cream, balms, and lotions are really good to apply to your inflamed area of the body. CBD topicals work and we use them very frequently. It's great for someone who is very active or suffers from inflammation.

Capsules: CBD capsules are an alternative to CBD oil if you don't like the taste of it. Pure Kana collected great reviews for their CBD capsules. 


CBD Dosage

The general rule for dosing CBD is to take 1-6 mg for every 10 lbs of body weight daily.

However, Cannabinoids do not affect each person in the same way. The most effective dose for each individual is likely identified through experimentation and adjustment.

Dosing should be gradually adjusted and fine-tuned until the most effective dose is achieved. LiefRoyal advises starting with as much 1/4 of a full dropper - about 10mg per serving twice a day. Once in the morning and once an hour before going to sleep. 

You can also watch a video about CBD dosage by clicking here

Full-Spectrum CBD vs. Isolate CBD

As CBD is getting more and more attention, you probably noticed that there are three types of CBD. There is CBD Isolate, Broad-Spectrum CBD, and Full-Spectrum CBD.

In 1995 researchers found that CBD (or THC) reacts with our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and delivers unique health benefits to our body.

Later in their discoveries it was found that each cannabinoid may affect the body differently. The main difference between THC and CBD is that the first has psychoactive effects and the second doesn’t.

Now, what is the difference between those three types of CBD?

Let’s start with CBD Isolate

It’s the most basic form of CBD, that means other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes are removed during the process. CBD Isolate is hard to make as there are more steps involved in removing all other ingredients that are in the hemp plant. The Isolate is 99% Pure CBD and is good to buy in States where THC is illegal. It’s free from any taste and the most common way to take it is by dabbing.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

This type is perfect for people who don’t want THC because it is removed. However it doesn’t give you the “Entourage Effect"

Full-Spectrum CBD

The extraction is made out of the whole plant and is the least processed. As it is made from the whole plant it does contain less than 0.3% of THC but it doesn’t make you high. This amount of THC is legalized in all of the States. Containing terpenes and flavonoids Full-Spectrum CBD is more likely for additional health benefits. Having all these goodies contained, you can discover an “Entourage Effect”. The only con is that if you work in a place where you are tested for marijuana there is a chance the test will come positive.

CBD And Insomnia Research

Can CBD help you improve your sleep? First, let’s start with understating what causes us a bad sleep. According to Mayo Clinic [5], mental health such as anxiety, PTSD and depression, late consumption of caffeine during the day, some types of medication and pain and restless leg syndrome may cause you insomnia.

 PubMed [6] has done clinical trials to see the effect of CBD on individuals who suffer from epilepsy or insomnia. It came out that individuals suffering from severe seizures need a high dose of CBD - over 400 mg per day. Participants suffering from insomnia have seen improvement by taking less than half of this dose.

Much research is done on how CBD can improve your sleep. CBD users report a feeling of less stress, reduced anxiety, and much deeper sleep. What can be more important it is uninterrupted sleep.

CBD In The Coachella Valley

best cbd oil in the coachella valley

CBD in the Coachella Valley is definitely in demand. There are many dispensaries -The Leaf being one of them. You can call and place the order or simply visit the beautiful El Paseo in Palm Desert. LiefRoyal and its owners Matt & Klaudia are offering personal delivery with a free consultation within the entire Coachella Valley. If you live anywhere between Palm Springs and Indio - contact Matt & Klaudia and get your CBD delivered to your doors the same or the very next day. It is also a great opportunity to learn more about CBD and its brand story.


You now clearly understand the importance of having a good quality sleep - every single night. You are asking the right questions. For instance:

What am I currently doing to improve the quality of my sleep, fall asleep faster, wake up well-rested, AND how CBD can complement it?

We have so much in common. I am asking myself the very same question. 

You are looking for the best CBD oil for sleep and insomnia in 2020 and you are knowledgable enough to make an educated decision. Choose wisely and add it to your sleep hygiene. Better sleep. Better day. Better YOU.

Stay safe,











DISCLAIMER: The author of this article is not a medical professional. Simply we are sharing the results of the research and studies we read. In addition, we share our experience with CBD for educational purposes only. Please consult it with your primary care physician before taking any CBD products. You are doing it at your own risk. LiefRoyal products are lab-tested.

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